Webinar: 19th September 2019 9am to 9pm BST

Want to learn new skills and strategies that could supercharge your trading results overnight?

Look no further - this 12 speaker summit is live hosted by Simon Campbell and welcomes traders with decades of experience in personal trading and training.

You will be introduced to a variety of strategies, tools, tips and know-how that will help you make the best decisions on what to trade, how to trade and what risks to be aware of when starting out.

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At this virtual trading summit you will learn:

  • 6 Rules You need to find stocks with extreme precision
  • 10 Good Reasons You Should Become a Scalp Trader
  • The key chart patterns successful traders use every day
  • How to spot and trade forex reversal patterns
  • How to Trade Using Support and Resistance
  • How to Train your Brain for Positive Trading Outcomes

So please set aside some time on Thursday to join me on the UK’s hottest online trading event and start learning these new ways to profit!

  • 9am - The Dynamic Wave Trader - George Hallmey, Click Events
  • 10am - Global Markets Review Using the Fibs - Steve Ruffley, steveruffley.com
  • 11am - Value Momentum Investing for Safe Reliable Stock Market Profits - David Paul, MD VectorVest UK
  • 12pm - A Trend Following Investment Strategy That Works - Zaheer Anwari, Co-Founder, Sublime Trading
  • 1pm - How to Daytrade the US Stock Market - Jerremy Newsome, Real Life Trading
  • 2pm - Pros and Cons of Automated Trading - Pablo Ortiz, The FX Method
  • 3pm - How Anyone Can Make Money Trading Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies - Glen Goodman
  • 4pm - How to Successfully Trade the News (Without knowing what it is or when its released!) - Rob Colville, The Lazy Trader
  • 5pm - 10 Reasons You Should Become a Scalp Trader Like Me! - Mike Hamilton, Scalper School
  • 6pm - Two cryptos that could go VERTICAL in the NEW crypto boom - Sam Volkering, Southbank Research
  • 7pm - Live Trading with the Bindal Indicator - Jay Lakhani, Bindal FX
  • 8pm - How to Trade Using Support and Resistance - Chris Tubby, Master Consulting Ltd

Remember to register for this event to qualify for the recordings, free slides and other resources that will help you trade better!

Full link : https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2973213983227940363