Over the course of two days Zaheer Anwari reveals his successful methodology for building wealth...

‘Hack Your Investor DNA: Learn 3 Repeatable Steps You Can Take To Compound & Double Your Wealth Over The Next 5+ Years!’

It's presented by a friend of mine, Zaheer Anwari. Zaheer has built up his considerable wealth over several years following a disciplined investing strategy, and he's sharing these key rules and lesson he's learned over the years with you.

Day 1 - Wednesday, 26th August 2pm BST
  • Know the 3 investor types & which ONE fits best around your lifestyle to succeed.
  • Why it is crucial you focus on all 3 asset classes - stocks, commodities & currencies - to follow the natural flow money.
  • How to identify when an asset is about to trigger into a long-term trend - maximise the profit window.
  • How to take positions in the 3 asset classes - spread betting/CFDs.

Day 2 - Thursday, 27th August 2pm BST
  • How to protect your position and manage risk - pre-calculation is key.
  • How to set up and place an investment - we'll place a live position together.
  • How to use compounding in a winning trend to accelerate the profit phase.
  • How to lock in profit and exit from the asset using an automated process to remove all emotions.
  • How YOU can build this investment strategy into your lifestyle without compromising on time and profit.

Each webinar session will also end with a Q&A session and we will stay on air until every question has been answered.
By the end of Day 2, you will have an investment strategy that gives you a repeatable system that you can adapt seamlessly around your busy lifestyle AND that you can use for the rest of your life!