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  Chris Tubby, Trader & Founder of Master Consulting Ltd

Chris Tubby is the founder of Master Consulting Ltd, a specialist company offering recruitment and training of traders to City institutions and trading floors. He started his career in commodities where he became senior trader at the age of only 22. He has been a prop trader for over 35 years and trades all asset classes. When not trading, Chris devotes his time providing courses to help others understand how to trade a variety of asset classes, blending theory with practical sessions. Chris says, “it’s important to learn how to survive as a trader before you make money!”

During this webinar I will show you how I start my trading day, analyse a variety of markets including currencies, gold, crude oil, S+P and Nasdaq in real-time, using various chart types, looking for strong signals to enter trades, where my exit will be and where I will place my stop loss (risk-reward). I will continue to do this throughout the session and discuss the importance of timeframes, risk-reward in trading, along with creating a trading plan.

(possibly include a take on Fridays (6th) NFP data and what it means for the Feds next FOMC meeting)