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  What Previous Attendees have said...

"An awesome collection of webinars for traders and good to hear from traders in other countries! - well done Simon!"

"For me as a part time trader it was useful to learn strategies to follow without sitting at the screen all day"

"What an amazing event! Loved the community feel and exchanging ideas with other going through the same challenges - Simon asked the right questions and the speakers are very helpful with their answers. I will definitely be attending again."

"Enjoy the charting sessions, picked up a few new tips that will help..."

"Impressed that all this is free - I've paid thousands to so-called gurus for courses which don't come close to offering this much useful advice and content"

"I made money trading Charlie's strategy before he'd even finished the webinar!"

"A useful overview of the different ways for joe public to compete with the city slickers - and entertaining too!"

"...the live trading sessions are most useful as one can 'sit on the shoulder' so to speak of an experienced trader"