Here is the new home for Round the Clock Trader. Since we launched in 2015, Round the Clock Trader (RTCT) has become a well known and trusted brand of trading education. Primarily working online offering free education at our RTCT Summit webinars, we also get together for an annual trading show - RTCT Live! - in London.

Our mission is to immerse you into the world of trading by exposing you to multiple strategies, tools, assets and educators. This way you stay in control of your learning and find the right level of support.

Trading is lonely and we invite you to join our community to network with other traders and professionals who are facing the same challenges and often are the best source of support and advice.

We have a number of trusted mentors with decades of trading experience and a shared passion for helping others achieve their goals.

In our new website we have opted to produce much of the content in video format. We are a personal business and we like talking directly to you rather than voluminous pages of text.

I hope you like our approach and join us in the RTCT Elite Club to start receiving the premium education and support that can help you.