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Live Trading – 3 price tips for consistent performance

Thiru Nagappan, Master the Markets

In this webinar by Thiru Nagappan, you will learn:

1. 3 price action tips to give you a winning edge

2. An elite strategy with those tips which made near to 60% return

3. How to execute a similar strategy live and achieve consistent returns

Thiru Nagappan is a trader, entrepreneur, ¬speaker and the founder of Master the Markets, Elite Traders conference and the Traders Open Day. His career started as a cardiovascular pharmacologist and through an interesting turn of events, left his PhD and pursued financial trading.

First Trading Day Of The Month DAX Trading Strategy

Cameron Malik, Magnetic Trading

There are many effects and seasonalities in the stock market. One frequently mentioned seasonality is the first trading day of the month effect. Is the first trading day of the month effect a myth or fact? In this webinar, expert trader Cameron Malik of Magnetic Trading reveals how he sets up a trade on the 1st Month with a high probability of profit.

Learn How To Trade Successfully Using A Professional Price Action Trading Methodology

Ian Foster, Beawinningtrader

Ian has over the years built a great amount of experience in trading “Price Action” and has been teaching others to do the same since 1998. He is very committed to helping others to be successful at trading and help them eliminate the mistakes he made in his early trading days.

Ian has featured in “SHARES” magazine and has been a speaker at trading exhibitions. He also wrote a daily market commentary for a well known Financial website that was attracting great readership but unfortunately went to ground at the time of the dot com crash a few years past.

We fund professional traders of FX, Metals, and Indices.

1. Build

Build an assessment account that fits your trading style and goals.

2. Trade

Reach a 10% profit target while respecting a maximum 5% trailing drawdown and 4% daily loss.

3. Profit

Succeed and get funded with a live account to trade. You will earn up to 90% of any profits you make here.

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The FTSE Gap Trading Strategy

Mark Austin, Magnetic Trading

Price gap analysis is a popular form of technical analysis used by traders in financial markets, particularly when trading equities.

Mark’s background is in the investment-banking sector. He changed careers early, at the age of 30 and became a full-time trader – a lifestyle trader. He currently lives in Thailand where he enjoys the flexibility of trading and travels the globe teaching others how to do what he does.

Mark’s speciality is the FTSE 100, where he has over fifteen years’ of real world experience. In the index trading world Mark is know simply as ”MR FTSE”.

Trading the Class “A” Divergence with advanced Fibonacci ratios.

Sunil Mangwani, Fibforex123.com

Have you entered a trade, only to get stopped out & subsequently watch price go in the direction you estimated?

You are simply getting ‘trapped’ in the moves created by professional trades……to take money from retail traders, which is what price movements & Supply/Demand are all about.

These ‘Trap Moves’ form the ‘Divergence’ technical pattern, which is a commonly traded technique, but we will add some advanced tools to it.

In this ‘Master-Class you will learn to trade this primary setup used by Banks/Institutes, thus keeping your trades aligned with the professional traders.

A Swing Trading Strategy I use

Charlie Burton, Charlie Burton Trading

Charlie has been trading 24 years of which 19 have been full time. Charlie became one of the bright lights of a BBC documentary called ‘Traders; Millions by the minute’. On that show, you see Charlie banking £700 on a trade in a couple of hours. Charlie has subsequently been interviewed on BBC radio, the Financial Times, the Daily Telegraph, BBC’s The One Show and is also a regular guest and interviewer on Tip TV (now Core Finance).  Charlie is a professional trader and manages money for investors via Pelican Asset Management. Charlie also runs the trader community www.charlieburtontrading.com

When to Short King USD

Patrick Reid, The Adamis Principle

Co-Founder, Adamis Principle Patrick Reid is a veteran trader with over 15 years experience. He has traded Derivatives at the biggest prop desk in the world. From government debt to equities then FX Futures. This led to Patrick being head-hunted into a New York hedge fund (Edgewater Markets) where he traded the mighty Spot FX. He is now Co-founder of Adamis Principle and heads up the mentoring and education arm. Adamis help clients make sense of macro, understand risk and ultimately sharpen your trading edge. Visiting lecturer in 2021 at the University of Cambridge – macro-economics Currency expert with 15 years experience in Futures and Spot FX Weekly contributor to The Investing Channel 

Their funding models are built for traders, by traders. 

In this webinar Simon Massey will explain how you can trade your way up to a $2.5 million trading account though demonstrating your trading skills and abilities as well as providing an exclusive Round The Clock offer for attendees. 

Finding a Trading Strategy that Works for You

Bobby Hillier, Metastock

This one-hour session will show you how MetaStock's PowerTools will help find the answers to your trading questions and reveal the best approaches that fit you. You'll discover:

  • How do I find securities to trade?
  • When should I get into and out of a trade?
  • What system should I use?
  • How do I test my system before I get into a trade?

Bobby Hiller has been at MetaStock for over five years. During his time at MetaStock, he has worked extensively with traders all over the world and is currently in charge of International Business Development.

Bobby has spoken on a wide variety of trading topics including Stocks, Futures, and FOREX. He focuses on helping traders by taking the time to understand their needs, then mentoring them on ways to use MetaStock to identify opportunities based on the way they want to trade.

Limits, profit targets, and how to qualify for up to $1 Million of funds to trade.

Michael Buchbinder, Partner at Scandinavian Capital Markets

In this webinar Michael Buchbinder explains how you can trade your way up to a $1 million trading account though demonstrating your trading skills and abilities

Michael Buchbinder has more than 15 years of financial experience, covering a wide range of areas in the forex sector; forex trading, risk management, operations, and client support, in addition to experience within compliance and investment banking.

How to Become a Bulletproof Trader

Steve Ward, Performance Edge Consulting

High performance coach and psychology coach Steve Ward outlines the steps you can take to deal with stresses and setbacks in trading, and sustain a higher performance and return from the markets.

Top Technical Trading Tips for Better Results

Adam Harris, London City Trader

Are you looking to improve your technical analysis skills in order to become a Master Trader (Day Trader) of the financial markets? Then this is a webinar is for you.

Not all markets are tradeable each week. Sometimes, only a few charts are offering all of the opportunities.

Learn how to spot these markets through the eyes of seasoned trader Adam Harris.

Trading with the Waves

George Hallmey, Click Events

Markets move in waves. It's self evident, as any price chart shows.

Elliott Waves have a distinctive wave sequence that can give essential information into when and where to enter and exit trades.

By understanding what is going on and how these waves so frequently develop, traders can become positioned to maximise profits.

Zaheer Anwari, Co-founder Sublime Trading

Stocks, commodities and forex investor, fund manager and educator. I help CEOs and high-salary earners get consistent returns in the stock market using a proven strategy in 60 minutes a week.